REO/Default Services / Property Preservation

Armstrong Appraisals provides Default Services and Property Preservation as Heritage Prime Properties, LLC—a full service statewide property preservation, REO maintenance, and repair services company. Heritage Prime Properties has serviced hundred of properties in pre-foreclosure and REO properties for several clients including Fleet National Bank/Bank of America, Homecomings Financial and several private clients and estates.

We are committed to working closely with our clients to deliver the products and services that best fit their needs. If a service you require is not listed here, please contact us about developing a custom solution for you.

Appraisal Services and Valuation Services
Includes a range of services, including all appraisal products for pre- and post-foreclosure properties.

On-Site Commercial Property Preservation (residential properties in limited areas)
Includes a full range of on-site property preservation services.

Heritage Prime Properties provides the following on-site property preservation services. Includes before and after photos.

Our property preservation services are offered in both a la carte pricing and in a single, monthly fee preservation package. Please contact us for more information.

Locksmith—Re-keying both front and rear door locks, as well as securing garage doors and gates.
Trash Out / Debris Removal—Clean-up and debris removal for safety, compliance, and appearance.
Janitorial Services—Cleaning services include sweeping carpets, mopping floors, and cleaning sinks, bathtubs, and toilets.
Winterization / Plumbing—Complete either wet or dry winterizations according to local code to prevent weather-related damage to home and plumbing system.
Lockouts / Evictions—Provide an eviction crew to assist with the removal of personal property in accordance with local laws and the client’s written instructions.
Repair & Remodeling—Work is performed according to client-approved proposals and local building codes.
Boarding / Securing—Properties can be boarded and secured in accordance with HUD specifications, local code, and the client’s requests.
Toxic Mold/Environmental—Provides mold/environmental  inspections, testing, and remediation services completed by NY licensed Home/Building Inspector.

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